domenica 4 gennaio 2009

Duetti ed esperimenti

Prometto che questo sarà l'ultimo post su Antony per un pò di tempo. Cioè almeno fino al 9 febbraio quando uscira 'Epilepsy is dancing' con, si spera, un paio di buone out-takes da TCL come b-sides. Però visto che in molti mi chiedono alcune sue cose particolari e di scarsa diffusione, ecco un paio di home-made compilations, scovate grazie al mio amico Christopher su: . Va da se che dal mio archivio antoniano con queste cosette avrei potuto estrarre altre 5 compilations, ma per cominciare dovrebbero andare bene comunque.

01 Will I ever learn ( with Herbert Groenemeyer)
02 The dull flame of desire ( with Bjork)
03 Happy Christmas, War is over ( with Boy George)
04 I defy ( with Joan as Police Woman)
05 Old whore's diet ( with Rufus Wainwright)
06 Ooh baby, baby (with Marianne Faithfull)
07 Lowlands low ( with Bryan Ferry)
08 My Juvenile ( with Bjork)
09 All there is to tell ( with Reuben Butchart)
10 Toy Boat ( with Yoko Ono)
11 Beautiful Boyz (with CocoRosie)
12 The Ballad of the sad young men ( with Marc Almond)
13 Leave her Johnny ( with Lou Reed)
14 Immortal Bird ( with Current 93)


01 Knockin on Heavens Door (OST I'm not there)
02 Safari Session/ The Last Man ( with Clint Mansell)
03 Del suo veloce volo (duet with Franco Battiato)
04 Beauty (duet with Linda Thompson)
05 Living the blues (with Jamie Saft Trio) 
06 If it be your will (tribute to Leonard Cohen)
07 Find the Rhythm of your love (The Biennale-Hymn)
08 God with no Tear (VA Visionaire No. 53: Sound)
09 Hole in my soul ((Mèdecins sans frontièers vv.aa. compilation)
10 The Great White Ocean (special for Prada)
11 Trust your Mother (single)
12 Whose are these (single)
13 Semen Song ( duet with Matmos)
14 Burning embers (duet with Lou Reed)
15 Nighttime and Morning (duet with Metallic Falcons)
16 Perfect Day ( tribute to Lou Reed)
17 Idumea (with Current 93)
18 Tears,tears,tears (single)
19 Blood on the door (with Jamie Saft Trio) 
20 Keep in touch (with Nico Muhly)

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